For more information about the RCC Music Program, please visit the following websites: - Marching Tigers
Riverside City College

You must apply to RCC and be accepted before a semester starts:

We have grown to 5 jazz ensembles this year!

Auditions are held the first week of a semester. Full-time students please attend
one or more of the rehearsals on the 1st Monday at 12:15pm, 2pm or 5pm in the

band room (all at the Coil School for the Arts). The auditon process will be further
explained and scheduled there.

For full-time student big bands:

Jazz Ensemble, MWF 12:15pm-1:45,
Charlie Richard, director,

Jazz Lab Band #1, MWF 2pm-3:30,
James Rocillo, Director,

Jazz Lab Band #2, MW 5pm-6:30,
Brian Mantz, director,

What to prepare for big band auditions:
*A song or etude that you sound good on
*Major scales
*Optional improvisation for a song or blues of your choice
*Be prepared to sight read.

For community big bands:

Community students/players are encouraged to contact the appropriate
conductor and attend the first rehearsal.

Mondays 7:30-9:30, Kevin Mayse & Charlie Richard,

Thursdays 7:30-9:30, Steven Ragsdale,

For combos:

There will multiple combos with meeting times arranged to fit the students' schedules.
We have the combo meeting and organization of students on the first Friday of the semester
at 1:15pm in the band room. At that meeting we'll match up students with similar
backgrounds/ability and schedules.